Germany – There is no shortage of skilled workers, says Excellence CEO

09. Januar 2015 - Staffing Industry

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There are no skills shortages in Germany, according to Vera Calasan, CEO of engineering and project services recruitment firm Excellence AG, reports Only a shortage of “the right expertise, at the right time, in the right place.”

Using temporary and contract workers, according to Ms Calasan, gives companies the expertise they need and only for the time the need it: “There are engineers with an average salary of €75,000, but their expertise is only needed by companies for specific projects.”

Temporary work, however, has always been viewed somewhat suspiciously in Germany, which categorises temporary or agency work as “precarious”. A perception that Ms Calasan and Excellence AG is looking to change.

Recent headlines have done little to improve the perception of temporary and contract work in Germany. Car manufacturer Daimler and mass media company Bertelsmann were forced to pay outstanding social contributions when it was discovered that some of their contract workers were on the wrong type of contract.

The Federal government’s pledge to stop the illegal use of subcontractors has proven popular with voters, but has made companies increasingly wary of using contractors and temporary workers.

Excellence AG, which specialises in the provision of statement of work (SOW) engineers, works with customers to ensure that workers are placed on the right contract. “Customers describe the work to be performed. With these types of contracts its best to understand that we will find the solution,” Ms Calasan explained.

Legally the difference between SOW workers and temporary workers is clear. An SOW worker, whether a painter or an engineer, undertakes a project or task without the direct oversight of, or instructions from, the client.

Temporary workers, however, are treated by the client similarly to permanent employees, receiving instructions from the client on what work to complete and how to do it.


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